Quick Answer: Can I Claim PPI After Debt Management?

The short answer is yes, you can.

The fact that you’re on a debt management plan will not hinder your chances of making a successful claim.

If your PPI claim is successful and the bank is one of the creditors in your debt management plan, then it’s likely that the money will go straight to them.

Can I claim PPI if my debt has been sold?

You can certainly claim for PPI compensation if your account is in arrears. The fact you are struggling to repay the debt has no bearing on whether you were mis sold PPI. However you may not directly receive any compensation you are owed. This is because of the banking Set Off rule.

Can you claim PPI on defaulted loans?

Can you claim Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) if you have defaulted on the loan or credit card that you are trying to claim on? The answer is yes. You can look at making a claim on any facility, despite your financial situation. The vast majority of people have defaulted on some sort of borrowing facility.

Will claiming PPI affect my relationship with my bank?

This therefore prevents your relationship with your bank being affected by checking for PPI. Investigating a PPI claim does not affect your credit rating or credit limit. Providers will not add the details of your claim, or any compensation you receive, to your credit record.

Will claiming PPI affect my mortgage?

Claiming for mis-sold PPI will have no effect on your credit score. While it was offered on financial products that typically require a credit check, such as credit cards, mortgages and cash loans, PPI itself is in no way related to your credit rating.