Can TV Licensing Enter My Property?

TV Licensing’s rules of conduct state: “TV Licensing can only enter your home without your permission if authorised to do so under a search warrant granted by a magistrate (or sheriff in Scotland).

“They also need to prove that there is no way they will be allowed to conduct their enquiry without a warrant.

Can TV Licence people enter your home?

Enquiry officers do not have a legal right of entry to a person’s home without a search warrant, and if refused entry to premises they will end the visit. If permitted by the occupier to enter the premises, the visit is normally very quick.

Is a TV Licence for a property or person?

Typically, one TV Licence will allow use of TV equipment at the licensed address, by you, your family or any person working or visiting there. You don’t need a TV Licence if you’re a lodger and have a relationship with the homeowner – for example, a family member, common law partner, a nanny, au pair or housekeeper.

Can TV Licence inspectors enter your home?

As it is not transmitting, there is no signal to be detected. It is also worth bearing in mind that TV Licence Inspectors have no power to enter your home, unless a specific warrant to enter has been obtained prior to their visit.

Can TV Licensing force entry?

It is TV Licensing policy not to force entry, although technically speaking the SW would allow it. But it’s all hypothetical. SWs are rarer than hen’s teeth as TV Licensing can only get one if they have solid evidence of an offence being committed.