Question: Can You Get A CCJ Without Knowing?

If you do not reply, a CCJ is issued automatically by an office in Northampton.

This is called a default judgment.

Once it’s been sent out you should have 30 days to clear the debt without it going on your record.

But if you’ve moved home, you may only learn about the CCJ when you apply for credit, often years later.

Can you get a county court Judgement without knowing?

A County Court judgment is a court order for you to repay a debt. In some cases, if you didn’t know about the CCJ, or the creditor who applied for it didn’t follow the right process, you may be able to get it set aside. Setting aside a court judgment is usually only possible if you have a good reason.

Can I check if I have a CCJ?

Check your Credit Report

Any CCJs reported in your name will appear on your Credit Report. When you check you’ll be able to see: The date the CCJ was issued. The unique court reference number, which you can give to the issuing court for more information.

Can you get a CCJ for a parking ticket?

It is possible that non-payment of a private parking ticket could result in a County Court Judgement against you and that it would affect your credit rating. However, it is not as simple as the parking company makes it sound, and it is completely within your control to stop it.

Can I refuse to pay a CCJ?

If you refuse to, cannot or simply don’t pay a county court judgment a creditor can apply to the court for an attachment of earnings against you. If granted, your employer has no choice but to deduct a payment directly from your wages and pay it to your creditor.