Question: How Often Can You Do A Debt Relief Order?

six years

How often can you get a debt relief order?

If a debt relief order is the right solution for you, our dedicated debt relief order team will help you through every stage of the debt relief order application process. The £90 fee is non-refundable and you can only apply once every six years.

How long does a DRO stay on your credit file?

six years

Can a debt relief order be refused?

A DRO application won’t be refused because of this, but it is possible that some extra restrictions may be imposed if the DRO Unit thinks you have behaved recklessly. Talk to your DRO Adviser. Once you have decided to apply for a DRO you should not use any more credit.

How much does a debt relief order cost?

How much does a DRO cost? A DRO costs £90, which is the amount charged by the Insolvency Service to process an application. You can’t get any discounts or exemptions like you can with bankruptcy fees, so the full £90 needs to be paid before your application can be submitted.