Question: Will My DRO Be Accepted?

How long does it take for a DRO to be approved?

How long does a DRO take to process?

Once a DRO application is made, it’ll take 12 months to process.

Can I keep my bank account with a DRO?

How will a DRO affect your bank account? Your bank will not be informed of your DRO unless it is listed as a creditor. Therefore, if it is not, you should not experience any change. However, if your bank is included in your DRO, or if it finds out that you have one, it may decide to freeze your account.

Can I get credit after a DRO?

You’re not allowed to get credit for £500 or more without telling the lender that you have a DRO. The note of your DRO stays on your credit file for up to six years after the date the DRO was made. This means it could be some time before you can get credit in the future.

Does a DRO affect my benefits?

Yes, it can. UC Advances are debts that should be included in a DRO. When the DRO is approved, any deductions from your current benefits for these should stop. This also applies to benefit and tax credit overpayments.